About Ocean Treasure

Situated in Middleton, Greater Manchester, Ocean Treasure boasts an extravagant and elegant dining experience with a spacious dining area, a cosy lounge and bar, private Karaoke rooms and hospitable service.

The chefs have accumulated over a decade of traditional authentic culinary experience and have been carefully hand selected for their expertise and creativity and their ability to deliver the highest quality. Suitable for catering for romantic dates, large parties, weddings and business meeting.

There is entertainment and live music shows every Friday night. If you are looking for a memorable night and a relaxing place to chill out or have some fun, Ocean Treasure is definitely the right choice!

  • Authentic Seafood Specialist
  • Business Dining
  • Christmas / Birthday Party
  • Fresh Made Dim Sum Daily
  • Live Entertainment every Friday
  • Karaoke Room
  • Seated Dinner