Amoy’s Perfect Taste

On Sunday 22nd September 2013, during the lunch hours of this busy Sunday afternoon, Ocean Treasure held the venue to offer the free tasting of freshly-made sesame fortune cookies to all their customers.  This promotion was organised by Kathy Cheng of to promote the new and exciting Amoy Sesame Paste and Jimmy’s Sate Sauce, the Sesame Paste was used to create the long-lost original fortune cookies at the free-tasting and it certainly worked a treat for all our guests as many came back for seconds.  The uniqueness of its aromatic toasted sesame contained within the Sesame Paste can be used to enhance the taste of many traditional dishes like Kung Po Chicken, Hot Pot, etc.  The smoother texture of the sesame paste is a great replacement of peanut butter when used with Jimmy’s Sate sauce to create the ultimate Satay sauce.  For more information regarding recipes, please go to